Vegan & Vegetarian Family Meal Prep | Easy Recipes for Beginners

hey guys it's Tasha from one big happy
and welcome to another family meal prep this time we're doing a vegan vegetarian
edition these are the actual recipes that we use to feed feed our family
during the week and even the baby loves them yum yum we're gonna start off this meal prep by
making these slow cooker steel cut oats here are the ingredients and as usual I
will drop the link to the recipes or the recipes themselves in the
description box but basically I start with the steel cut oatmeal because it
takes the longest to cook because I'm using the crock-pot we love steel cut
oats because they're hearty and chewy and they just seem to kind of stick with
us a little bit longer than rolled oats and these especially we really like
because we added some coconut milk which gives it this additional flavor and I
know you're probably thinking well it's a little odd to have coconut milk with
apple pie but trust me it works so I set that on high once I put in all
the ingredients for five hours and that's all it takes
next I'm going to make the chickpeas to go with the green soup now if you don't
know this trick for cooking dried beans quickly this is going to change your
life basically you put the dried beans with water and aromatics in the pressure
cooker and then you set it on high and the time that you set it for will vary
depending on the beans so I'll drop a link down below to a chart for that but
in 37 minutes those beans those chickpeas went from being completely dry
to completely cooked and that is amazing no overnight soaking or any of that next
up I make some roasted cauliflower and roasted cauliflower if you've never had
it before it's almost like savory candy it's so delicious now this recipe is
from budget bytes one of our favorite inexpensive cooking recipe websites and
it calls for parmesan so for this particular recipe this is vegetarian but
it's really easy to make it vegan by just omitting the cheese next up I start
to chop up the vegetables to make the garden vegetable lasagna soup and the
curried quinoa one of the things that I love to do when it comes to meal
prepping quickly is to use recipes that call for the same base ingredients and
then you just use spices to switch it up so even though there are two very
different recipes curried quinoa and garden veggie lasagna they both start
with the same basic ingredients I use two different oils coconut oil for the
quinoa which is on the left and then olive oil for the garden vegetable
lasagna which is on the right but then after that I'm adding garlic and onion
and then I add the peppers and the carrots on the garden vegetable side
because those I chopped whereas I'll add the carrots for the quinoa later because
I shredded those so they don't need to cook quite as long on the quinoa side I
add in curry and spices and that mush that you see right there is actually
ginger in a bottle which is great and super convenient compared to keeping
root ginger around so the secret to creamy delicious coconutty curried
quinoa is to use coconut milk which is also so I used a total of four cans of
coconut milk in this meal prep one can in the the oatmeal and then three more
cans here in this quinoa and the quinoa I used three cups of quinoa so this
makes twelve servings and that's the other tip for meal prepping you want
to make sure that you double or triple the recipe so that you get lots of
servings out of it so on the garden veggie lasagna side of course I'm going
to add crushed tomatoes and diced tomatoes and then Italian seasoning and
so that's how you get the variety you use the same ingredients but then you
use seasoning to spice it up and switch it up so while these two have been cooking the
cauliflower has been roasting in the oven underneath it so you'll see me pull
it out in just a bit there it goes and that is a phenomenal recipe I highly
recommend it inexpensive just a few spices and it is delicious so ideally I
would have been cooking the green soup at the same time here but my stove
only has two large burners and so can only cook hold two large pots so I end
up making the green soup the next day but normally I like to do all of my meal
prep on the same day but as you can see even with this it makes a lot of food
and it's two different dishes so even it can hold us over three maybe four days
without me absolutely having to cook so I add some wilted spinach on the
right-hand side to the lasagna and on the left I actually added wilted arugula
and those are both things that we happen to have on hand because we always buy
spinach every week and I buy arugula when I can and that's it both of those
dishes are done it was really quick really delicious within an hour I had
both of these recipes complete and they're really inexpensive because
they're primarily vegetable based I would say it cost maybe $25 worth of
ingredients to make all of that food so now it's the next day and I am making
the green soup so I start by caramelizing the onions and this takes
quite a while once the onions are nice and brown I
cover them and let them simmer on low meanwhile I start the water boiling with
a quarter cup of brown rice in it and what that brown rice does is it
acts as a thickener for the soup to make it a little bit creamier now the recipe
called for arborio rice I didn't have any arborio rice so I just used brown
rice don't be afraid to substitute as necessary to make these recipes work if
you don't normally buy arborio rice like I don't normally buy arborio
rice I think that it's okay to just substitute regular rice unless you're
making risotto if you're making risotto then go ahead and get the arborio rice
because it makes the difference but for this it really didn't so once the onions
were done caramelizing I added some vegetable broth and wilted the
vegetables and for the vegetables the recipe calls for I think it is spinach
and chard but I just used a pack of power greens which is mixed baby greens
that also includes spinach chard kale and so that was a lot simpler it's $5 a
bag at Costco and so I just threw that all in and it was already mixed without
me having to look for the different varieties so then once it was all wilted
I threw it in the Vitamix and blended it now if you have an immersion blender
like I have an immersion blender I could have done that but I really do like
using the Vitamix because it gets soup really smooth I had to blend it in two
batches because it was a lot of volume so then once I was done blending I added
it back to the pot and then tasted it for seasoning because the only seasoning
that the recipe called for was salt and cayenne and we tend to like our food to
be a bit spicier so as in you know just have a little bit more flavor in it so I
ended up adding I would say about 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne and then also about
a quarter to a half a teaspoon cumin if you happen to like that spice i
love cumin so don't be afraid to customize the recipe to suit your
particular palate and once the soup was done I just added it to a bowl of brown
rice which I cooked using the pressure cooker and then the chickpeas these are
quick delicious and healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes they're great if even
if you eat meat you won't miss the meat I promise you so I hope you guys enjoyed
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thanks for watching guys bye