Oven Fried Zucchini Recipe (8.15.12 – Day 3) Vegan, Vegetarian

hey my sweet peas it's the sweetest vegan here today on the show we'll be making other fried chicken no we're not I'm just kidding but it is a recipe in the southern cooking bible so we have two feegan eyes it and I was wondering like what am I going to replace this chicken with because I am not about to eat tofu today I'm just not in the mood not about to replace the meat with the imitation meat so I was like well I couldn't use mushrooms but then I'll say I don't know then I need a mushroom ooh so it's like okay just go to the grocery store and see what happens so I did that and it still does I walked into the produce section zucchini were on a sale for 10 10 pounds for $10 and I got two of them for like a dollar an 18th cent it was amazing and I didn't remember that I used to like fried zucchini all the time and I ate it when I first went vegan but then I had to give it a fried food because I was getting weight even while I was vegan so today we will be learning how to oven fried zucchini and it's going to be so good and it's gonna replace our chicken fingers and I just cannot wait can you okay so here we go so you want to start this recipe by preheating your oven to 450 degrees and you want to go ahead and lightly grease two baking sheets because that's how many you'll need for this recipe then gonna take your two zucchinis and cut the ends off of them then I'm just gonna cut a sliver off of the back like a slice off the back and roll it over to that flat side cuz that's the safest way to cut your produce then I'm gonna go down and cut slices of my zucchini and and afterthought this was my first time making this recipe I would probably even use bigger slices cuz when they bake they thin out even more so then I laid them out on a cookie sheet you could lay them flat on the paper towel and I saw to them to help draw out some of the water so they can bake up nice and crisp and while that was working I went ahead and made a flax seed mixture like we did for the fried green tomatoes if you haven't seen that video I'll put an annotation for it here you can check that out it's really cool but you just mixed together water and flexy whisk it up really good and let it sit for about five minutes and it will become kind of gluey to kind of help coat your zucchini so that the flour mixture we're about to make will stick to it so the flour mixture consists of wheat flour cornmeal poultry seasoning and I'll put a what that's a blend of in the description below if you don't know and Old Bay seasoning and now also be below so you can know what's in it if you can't find those two seasoning blends so whisk that together now you want to Pat off your zucchini dip it into your egg wash flaxseed mixture it's just flaxseed but it's kind of like an egg wash dip it in that let the excess drip off then you want to put it in your flour mixture and coat it and kind of dust off the excess flour so you won't have caked up flour because it won't adhere really well then lay those out onto your baking sheet in a nice orderly fashion don't you like how orderly mine are fashioned then you're gonna stick those into the oven for 15 minutes on the first side take them out flip them and then cook them for 15 more minutes on the other side and as you can see if you cook them too close to the wall you may want to do these in batches cuz I chant both of them in there and I had a little casualty of zucchini Miguel you can start these up with barbecue sauce mustard ketchup hot sauce whatever or you can just eat them plain they're seasoned really well they say it's really fantastic so let's give them a try and also after i salted them I was able to bake them all at once and zucchini by itself raw is pretty darn delicious but this is really good if you want something that tastes kind of fried and baked and hot and there's a nice treat that you can dip and give to your friends it's really good thanks for watching I okay so a lot of you I read all your comments and thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts and wishes and hopes and positivity for my grandfather's surgery he is still at the hospital but they removed the kidney stone is that what they call them but yes was in his bladder and the doctor said that it was the size of a golf ball so yeah that was pretty not good but he's doing good he's not in pain and he should be coming home pretty soon like tomorrow or today or sometime like that and I have to actually go pick up my grandmother from the hospital so I am in a rush bye ow I think he wants one I think I think this is dog friendly Buster stick why are you sneezing on me sit down sit you've never had it before so he has to like remember he's taking his kill and he's left the kitchen buster Oh