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How to Detox and Fight Disease using Alkaline Foods & pH Balance Diet | Wellness

[breath] [bells tinkling] [sfx] So at 28 I was suffering colon
issues and I was suffering skin disease called Lichen Planus which
I happen to have one of the worst cases that the doctors had seen. It took four
doctors actually realize what it was that I had so it's really a skin disease that
overtook my entire body head to toe causing me to be in a
wheelchair for about six weeks they tried Cortizone – didn't work.
That's when I needed to start looking for alternative medicine
and went to a German herbalisrt and within a week I had completely healed from the out exterior but there was still something
that had to changed within and that's what led me to the pH balance approach to diet and understanding that the acid / alkaline balance that one keeps within their body is something we really need to pay
attention to.

The body likes to be in a balanced pH state. Most people are in a high acid state. When you're in a high acid state your body breaks down essentially in a nutshell. They use a scale of 0 to 14, the body is happiest at 7.4. North Americans are traditionally at about a 32 to 4 and that needs to be
reverse so some of the things that cause high
acid would be hydrogenated fats, fast-food, animal protein is one of the worst, sugar of
course, which now we know is just a huge trigger for cancer as is animal protein.

It's a simple, simple
thing to remember just think green! Eat more green vegetables every day and
I know it sounds like a cliche but it truly is what works put spinach you know, have spinach with your poached eggs in the morning make a salad for lunch always add green
vegetables with your with your main dish and you will find that you will
start to help your body become more alkaline. When you start to
balance out your body emotional body starts to, that's that's the beauty of the journey is you have all these
incredible surprise is that start to happen. You just become calmer less reactionary you're less
stressed out you're more connected with your body, with
people, you have more patience [laughs] there's a lot of benefits to getting healthy and enjoying, enjoying
a healthier lifestyle, not just physically but other, other things start to happen as well, emotional, mental, spiritual it all starts to come together