healthy eating

Fuller Longer – leading the development of healthy eating options

In Scotland and indeed the UK we have an obesity epidemic and we need dietary strategies to tackle that. And one of the main problems with dieting and losing weight is you feel hungry. So, one approach is to design dietary strategies that can help fill you up for a longer period of time and you're more likely to stick to that calorie counting diet. So the project was working on developing a food range which we
subsequently have gone on and tested in human volunteers studies to look at how we can
design dietary strategies to tackle the obesity epidemic. The impact of the
project has been for Marks and Spencer they've developed a very successful food range that has generated income for them and more importantly to me has created that opportunity to take my concepts from the science base straight onto the
supermarket shelf to allow people to access food products that are both pleasant, rewarding, appealing, cost effective and to enjoy food while dieting.