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I prepared six recipes today They are especially suitable for lunch and dinner, each of them only requires seven ingredients Today’s video will be as simple as possible All the food I shared today can be done well in 30 minutes As I said, only seven materials But remove water, oil, and one or two spices Because we assume that most of our friends have these kitchen essentials A step-by-step analysis of each recipe can be found in the blog The address of the blog is in the description box below, let’s get started now First, let’s make a thick Thai sweet potato chickpea green curry And these are the seven materials we need First peel a sweet potato and cut into sections Cut a whole red onion into small pieces, mash two cloves of garlic High heat, hot pot Add a little oil, add onions, and fry for a few minutes Then add garlic and fry for another minute Then we add two tablespoons of Thai green curry paste Stir for 30 seconds, then add the cut sweet potatoes Add a can of cooked chickpeas, a can of coconut milk Then add half a cup to a cup of water Slowly simmer until it is boiling, with the lid ajar Simmer for another ten to fifteen minutes until the sweet potatoes are soft At this time, add a few handfuls of spinach and stir Then turn off the heat and cook This curry itself is very delicious If you use it with rice or naan That would be more delicious Just like other curries, it's quite delicious when eaten directly It tastes even better when the flavors in it are fused So the leftovers of this dish will taste amazing Next we do Kuaishou fried bean ball rolls with roasted garlic mayonnaise First we cut off the garlic Put it on a baking tray and pour a little oil on it We will also bake some pre-made fried bean balls, mine bought from the supermarket You can make a homemade version, if you like Our blog also has a recipe about this I put the link of the recipe in the description box below We will put them in the oven, 180 degrees Celsius, which is 350 degrees Fahrenheit Bake for ten to fifteen minutes, until the garlic head turns golden brown When the garlic has cooled down, we put 4 cloves of garlic Add to a quarter cup of vegetarian mayonnaise Made into aioli Mash the garlic in the mayonnaise, as much as possible And put it aside, and then we cut a tomato Then we start to plate the whole burrito Spread a little bit more on the burrito with tahini prepared before or from the supermarket Then put on aioli, lettuce, tomatoes Put on the fried bean paste balls we prepared, if you want to add more ingredients You can add olives, tabble salad, cucumber, pickled onions, beets So you can enjoy this delicacy well There are many, many options for adding materials You can take this delicacy as take-out food or enjoy it immediately Next, we will make pizza For this delicacy, we use unbaked flour cauliflower pizza pastry from the supermarket We pour a little olive oil on it Then put a little roasted garlic on top The method of roasted garlic is the same as the roasted garlic in the previous delicacy I like roasted garlic, so I added five garlic cloves in total Then use the back of the fork to mash Then we cut a few thin-skinned potatoes Try to cut as thin and evenly as possible This will bake them faster in the oven, then put them on the pizza crust Sprinkle a few teaspoons of dried thyme and salt Put this in the oven, 180 degrees Celsius Or 350 degrees Fahrenheit, bake for 10 to 15 minutes Until the pizza crust is golden, we cut four to five sun-dried tomatoes 8 to 10 Kalamata olives When the pizza is ready We put tomatoes and olives on top Add a few handfuls of fresh arugula Then sprinkle a little roasted pine nuts This pizza is very delicious I also like to dip it in roasted Aioli The aioli is the one mentioned in our previous recipe It's really delicious Next we will make rainbow sushi rolls This is definitely my favorite, especially in spring and summer First, let’s cook a little sushi rice and make it according to the instructions on the package Then we peel the sweet potato and cut into thin sections Don’t need oil, put directly on the baking tray, 180 degrees Celsius Or 350 degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 10 to 15 minutes until they are tender Turn them over halfway through Then we take it out of the oven and let it cool When the rice is cooked, you can transfer it to a shallow dish Let it cool faster Then we prepare the filling for the sushi We cut the sweet potato into thin strips Then cut the cucumber, others taught me to use a spoon to remove the cucumber seeds from the middle So that the cucumber will not be too wet in the sushi But this is completely optional Then we cut some mangoes, you can also use a few slices of apples instead We will also use red bell peppers We will also cut a few slices of avocado Use some seaweed flakes Nori sheets have a shiny side and a rough side We need to put the rough side up Add half a cup of completely cooled rice, soak the spoon in water So that the spoon won’t stick to the rice, then we use the tip of the spoon We spread the rice neatly on the seaweed slices Leave 1 inch of space above the rice You should still be able to see the seaweed sheet under the rice, like this Then we add the filling Add a little bit of each material and place it along the bottom, when we are done We use a little water to moisten the rest of the top of the nori sheet Use your fingers to firmly press the filling there Pull up the bottom bamboo mat and gently roll up the sushi Press it, then continue to roll, pull up Drag forward and press it until it is completely rolled up That's it, repeat 4 to 5 such rolls Then use a very sharp knife to cut the sushi The sharper the knife, the better it will cut Put the rainbow sushi rolls on a plate Pour yourself a cup of warm tea Here we sprinkle some sesame seeds on top, this is optional That’s it, you can mix it with soy sauce and ginger Or mustard sauce if you like Next we make some changes to the traditional bacon lettuce sandwich Let’s cut 250g tempeh first and cut them into thin strips My cut is very thick, if you want it crisper You cut it thinner Add them to a plate, add boiling water, and let it simmer for five minutes This will soften the tempeh and remove the bitterness Can help better absorb barbecue sauce Then we dehydrated them, patted them dry, and added them to the plate Pour 1/4 cup barbecue sauce on top and wrap them Then turn the tempeh over and repeat the same steps on the other side Let them marinate for at least 5 minutes But the longer the better, you can even prepare it the night before This will make the barbecue sauce stronger At the same time we have to bake some bread Remove the seeds of a roasted sweet pepper.

We store the sweet pepper in a jar Soaked in water, then we cut the bell peppers Then we sliced ​​a few slices of tomatoes thinly In a non-stick pan over medium heat, add a few teaspoons of oil Then add barbecue sauce tempeh Keep watching to prevent it from getting burnt, when both sides are golden and crispy Ready to cook To make this sandwich, we put barbecue sauce on the bread Add lettuce Tempe with roasted bell peppers and barbecue sauce A little tomato slices, avocado slices That's it, it's very indulgent Vegetarian version of the classic "Pearson Eggplant" sandwich We call it a vegetarian "natural eggplant" sandwich, a barbecue flavor Tempe lettuce tomato sandwiches, eat them right away I made the last one a beautified version of miso soup It tastes like ramen, it only takes five minutes to prepare Especially suitable for those lazy or busy days First I use whole wheat noodles It only takes three minutes to cook Here I put them in a glass bottle for easy transfer We need half a vegetable soup cube and four small mushrooms A green onion, cut into small pieces In the glass bottle, we add two tablespoons of miso soup paste Soup cubes, mushrooms, onions Then we cut a quarter of tofu and cut it into small pieces With the same big handful of spinach, we add them to the bottle together So it's ready Some people directly add boiling water to the glass bottle I don’t dare to do this because the water is very hot and I’m afraid the bottle will break I recommend pouring them into a bowl when you want to eat All you have to do is add boiling water on top Stir it quickly so that the miso soup paste will melt Let it sit for a few minutes so that the ramen can melt Finally add spinach, press the spinach down, press it under the soup Press under the surface so it can soften That's it Here, I added some sambal hot sauce to increase the spiciness (optional) 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to soak You made yourself a big bowl of soothing noodle soup Let yourself enjoy I hope you guys like the 6 recipes I shared with you today I hope to give you some ideas for lunch and dinner So you can enjoy it on the weekend If you really like our video, like it, it’s a support for us I think in our next video, I might make dessert recipes with 5 ingredients If you have any requirements or suggestions to us Share your message in the comments section below and let me know Pick Up Limes is offline, thank you very much for watching See you next video