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– What’s up everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and today we have an awesome practice, wheelchair yoga. So this is a request, this one’s for my homie, you know who you are; this one’s gonna help you find what feels good and really, anyone can do it. So let’s get started. (genial acoustic music) Okie doke, let’s begin by finding a gentle lift in the heart. So, one of the things I love about the Yoga With Adriene community is that it’s focused on three things.

It’s, you just do your best, show up and you do your best. We try to be authentic, give ourselves permission to be ourselves, really just show up as our true self. And the last one you know, find what feels good. So, keep those three things in mind throughout this practice today. So, you might be leaning back in your chair, lifting your heart, you might be sitting up, nice and tall, so to each his own, for sure. Lifting up through the chest. Then take a second, trust yourself, trust me, trust the video and take deep breath in and close your eyes. And then exhale, relax your shoulders down. (exhales) Again, with the eyes closed, take a deep breath in, just going inward a little bit, checking in, (inhales deeply) and then exhale, relax your shoulders.

(exhales slowly) And then one more time, just like that. Deep breath in (inhales deeply), fill up with air, and exhale, relax your shoulders down. (exhales slowly) Give yourself permission here to enjoy this time, to tend to yourself, a little TLC. Go ahead and put away the day thus far, allow the future agenda to be put on hold and do your best to just allow yourself to be really, really present, really in the moment. Okay, a little goes a long way. So from here, we’re gonna keep nice, long deep breaths going, so best you can, nice full breaths, just notice how that goes. Sometimes you’ll forget, you’ll wanna come back to it with a deep breath in (inhales deeply) and then a big exhale to relax the shoulders. (exhales slowly) Alright, so keep coming back to that breath, keep noticing where you’re at with your conscious breathing. Now, with the hands resting gently on the tops of the legs, you can also grab your chair, the arms of the chair, the outer edge of your chair, we’re gonna inhale.

Lift the chest even more, open up through the front body and lift the chin just slightly (inhales deeply) and then exhale, rounding through the spine, think cat-cow here, chin to chest, again you can close your eyes if you’re feeling groovy. Inhale open, lift up through your front body, opening through the chest, lifting the chin, and then exhale, rounding through chin to chest. Weight of the head drops down and over. Do two more, inhale, open, think long puffy belly in the front. Feel that stretch as you expand and then exhale, round (exhales slowly) spinal flex, so good. Inhale, do one more inhale, lifting, lengthening, smiling, perhaps, (inhales deeply) and then exhale, chin to chest (exhales slowly). Navel draws back here and this time we’re gonna pause. Breathing deep, feeling that awesome stretch in the back of the neck here, allowing the shoulders to go ahead and round forward, the fingertips to be soft and relaxed. Take a deep breath in here, feel this awesome stretch in the back body (inhales), and then on an exhale, keep the chin tucking into the chest and just slowly begin to roll it up.

Head over heart, heart over pelvis. Great, take a deep breath in (inhales deeply), and exhale, relaxing the shoulders down, down, down, long in the neck. Sweet. Take the fingertips forward and then plug the shoulders in the socket. Again, take the fingertips forward, reach, and then plug the shoulders back in the socket. Then we’ll take one of my faves, Thriller arms, fingertips down, keep plugging the shoulders in, (inhales audibly) and you will already start to feel this nice stretch through the forearm here, spread the finger tips (inhales deeply), try to keep a lift up through your chest, breathing deep here. Alright, let’s flow with the breaths. So bringing the wrists together here, we’re gonna open up through the chest, start to stretch the pectorals as we inhale, keep the fingers down, open the arms super wide. Exhale, bring it back to center. The arms gonna get tired here, so stick with it just a few, inhale, opening up, through the chest, lifting the heart, maybe the pinkies start to draw back a little bit more, maybe not (inhales).

And back to center (exhales heavily), and one more, inhale, open. This is that Titanic moment, that Kate Winslet moment I’m always talking about, inhale (inhales deeply). Exhale (exhales audibly). Great, stick with it, flip the palms, press, press, press, press, (inhales) we’re gonna take a moment here, if you need a little more, you can bring one hand to the fingers for a deeper stretch. And then open it up, inhale. Lift the heart, stretch (inhales deeply), exhale, bring the thumbs together (exhales slowly). Whoo, inhale, open, spread the fingertips (inhales deeply), exhale, closed (exhales slowly). Are you breathing? Inhale, open, last time (inhales deeply) and exhale closed. This time hook the thumbs together and inhale, reach for the sky, Wu-Tang.

(inhales deeply) Inhale. Lifting and lengthening through all four sides of the torso, (inhales deeply) big breath in, as you exhale, tilt gently to the right, gentle side body stretch. Inhale the center, smile, exhale, tilt to the left, gentle side body stretch. So focusing on the sensation over the shape, as always, inhale, reach (inhales deeply), and exhale should feel awesome as you rain the fingertips down. Keep the heart open, lifted, and just take a second to notice how you feel (exhales slowly). (inhales deeply) (exhales slowly) Awesome work. So this time we’re gonna take the fingertips forward, plug the shoulders in, eagle arms, right arm comes underneath the left arm, and we wrap the palms, maybe they touch, another option is to just keep them like this, like hi-yah, like this, or maybe you wrap around, Garudasana. Now keep the shoulders plugged in, inhale, lift the elbows (inhales deeply), eagle arms, exhale, rounding through the spine, chin to chest, just like the spinal flex from before. Inhale, rise up strong, lengthen through the side body, and exhale, release, chin to chest (exhales slowly).

Awesome, inhale one more (inhales deeply), and exhale, chin to chest (exhales slowly). Great. We’re gonna unravel the arms, inhale, open, big flying V here, pinkies are forward, thumbs are back (inhales deeply), and exhale, bend the elbows, slight back bend here if you like, cactus arms (exhales slowly). Great, inhale to reach up (inhales deeply) and exhale, once again, rain it down and just notice how you feel, hoo! Awesome.

(inhales deeply) (exhales slowly) Great, fingertips reach forward. Plug the shoulders in. Left arm underneath the right this time, or whichever one you did before, you’re gonna switch it. (inhales) Here we go, inhale, lift the elbows (inhales), exhale, chin to chest, rounding through the spine. (exhales slowly) Inhale, eagle arms lift you up (inhales deeply), and exhale, chin to chest (exhales slowly). And one more, you got it, inhale (inhales deeply), and exhale, chin to chest (exhales slowly). Great, slowly unravel the arms, send the fingertips up high to the sky, pinkies forward, thumbs back, big breath, then exhale, bend the elbows, thumbs back, pinkies forward, cactus arms, ooh yes. Inhale, reach for the sky (inhales deeply). Exhale, rain it down (exhales slowly). Awesome. So we’re gonna finish off with a twist, should feel really yummy.

So there’s different variations of this of course, we’re gonna start nice and simple by just taking the left hand to the outer edge of the right thigh, and then slowly, starting from the base of the spine up, beginning to open up through the sides. Now, different variations. You can use your arm on a chair, you can bring one hand behind, so there are ways to get a little more out of this but I also just recommend you keep it small to start, just kind of understanding and remembering that a little goes a long way. Take one more deep breath in, inhale, lift and lengthen here (inhales deeply) and then exhale, release, come back to the center, take it to the other side. So twists are really great for the spine, but they’re also really great energetically because you get a chance to… (dull thudding) Benji, everybody.

You get a chance to lift your heart, and then on the exhale, choose to let go of that which no longer serves you. It’s a detox, right? So again, inhale, lift your heart (inhales deeply), and on the exhale, maybe you quietly say to yourself, “I let go of that which just simply doesn’t serve me.” (inhales) Wherever you are, take one more deep breath in. (inhales) And exhale, release (exhales loudly). Inhale in (inhales deeply), (brief banging) exhale, release (exhales slowly). Benji the dog, everyone. Bring the palms together at the heart, Anjali Mudra. And take a moment to appreciate yourself, appreciate your body. And we’ll take one more deep breath in together (inhales), and gently bow the head to the hands.

So we finish practice by bowing to the best and most beautiful version of ourselves, and yes, we acknowledge that in one another. So, I acknowledge you, the light in me bows to the light in you, we’ll take a deep breath in (inhales deeply), exhale, let it go (exhales slowly). Perfect, Benji. Then inhale, lift your chin (chuckles), lift your gaze, check out Benji below my chair, perfect. Just in time for the big ending. We’ll bring the thumbs to the third eye today, may we always see the truth; then drop the fingertips to the lips, may we always speak the truth; and finally, my friends, to the heart, may we always feel it. Thanks for sharing your practice with me, take good care. Namaste. (upbeat acoustic music) .

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