Dylan Dreyer Reveals She’s Expecting Baby No. 2 | TODAY

We have a clicker no time for clip I have time for oh wait you know what I have one I think we should okay well cuz – I think it’s pretty special it’s a dilly click yes do you mind if I if I write this video I cannot stop watching take a look this video that that the baby there just one that was north son Calvin in the video case people don’t know five babies he wants five of everything it’s one baby yeah I can’t I’m sorry we are so happy for you doing this is it’s awesome it’s been an emotional journey you know I opened up about my infertility and my secondary infertility and just surgeries I’ve had to have and the day I was going to start my IVF I have all of my medicines I brought it down to the Kentucky Derby with me the doctor calls and says don’t take anything you’re pregnant whoa so I just want to thank everybody for the prayers cuz I swear the prayers and just putting my story out there got me to where I am so so what is Calvin think Calvin is so excited yeah he’s just last night at dinner he said kiss the baby it’s just it’s the sweetest thing I don’t really think he understands exactly what baby is and how much it will change his life we’re gonna meet this we have a picture of Dylan eight months pregnant do we know the gender yet we do and we have some special guests who are going to help reveal that in the third hour we’re gonna find out today I think we can wait no don’t just wait another 37 minutes yeah so wonderful Dylan you I mean you guys this most adorable family and I know how much you guys have been wanting and hoping for this baby so this baby is gonna be right on time we’re thank you and wait to get a murmur I mean I’m just so happy now and I’ve been keeping it secret for so long you know and you’re trying those first three months trying to keep this secret and not tell anybody although you threw this 40th birthday party I’m drinking water with olives a dead giveaway because I remember that night thinking my god Dylan’s drinking a lot other women when a woman’s pregnant they can tell someone a party that something’s going on she’s right and it’s been the worst kept secret on Twitter so thank you everybody for asking if I was pregnant know what mom texted me she was like it’s Dylan I’m like mom the words of this show and those of us are on it and the development of our families and our personal lives has been remarkable going back to you getting married and quickly after that ounce men announcing Vail and then char-char banks and then I mean it’s just a boat of course something adopts sometimes too and babies just calm yeah that’s a great lesson I agree and the blessing of it is there’s so many women who are dealing with infertility or their infertility and I’ve been with you on this journey and many a times in the dressing room you have crying or to figure out what was going on and you’ve given so many people hope and they’re able to see that there is a light and just keep praying God has a plan yeah and I mean this this is what was in the cards for me so at the top of next hour we’re gonna find out if it’s a boy or gender-reveal specialist talk so about this whole journey and I think people will fill it you find it really inspiring it’s in the latest issue of People magazine you can pick up the issue when it hits newsstands I’m sure know what do you think it is boy or girl I’m gonna do a bet I know so I can’t oh you do girl I’m gonna say girl also I’m gonna say girl okay okay you

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